From our beginnings around the year 2000 we toured the UK and Abroad, visiting shiitake growers all over and learned that there is no single Right Way to grow shiitakes.

Each grower had a different system and all of them got mushrooms!!

We supply the finest “ready to fruit” mushroom logs from our base on the Ridgeway straddling the Bucks/Beds/Herts border.

All our Mushroom Logs are English Grown Sustainable Oak thinings; inoculated with carefully selected Shiitake mushroom strains; then matured for up to 24 months so they are ready to produce multiple annual crops of delicious mushrooms.


Shiitake Mushroom Log

Our Oak Shiitake  Mushroom Logs have been entirely cultivated and handmade by us at MushroomLogs HQ by Tring on the Ridgeway. They have been heavily inoculated with the finest shiitake spores chosen from across the world for their vigorous production of mushrooms. Once received your log is ready to site outdoors in a shady damp location; treat it as a shade loving plant. Once fully colonised by the spore the Oak log will produce 1-4 crops of delicious organic Shiitake mushrooms annually for up to 8 years. All logs come with easy to follow instructions.

£39.99 + P&P

Shiitake DIY Kit

This listing is for purchase of our Shiitake DIY KIT.  Containing  wooden”plugs” inoculated with our finest shiitake spores, so you can make up you own Shiitake Mushroom Log. Its a wonderful process that rewards the grower with crops of Shiitake mushrooms several time a year for many seasons to come. Full Growing Instructions, Diagrams and Recipe Suggestions Included.

£19.99 + P&P

Oyster DIY KIT

This listing is for purchase of our Oyster Mushroom DIY KIT.  Containing wooden”plugs” inoculated with our finest UK collected, native Oyster spores, so you can make up you own Oyster Mushroom Log. Its a wonderful process that rewards the grower with crops of Oyster mushrooms several times a year for many seasons ahead. Full Growing Instructions, Diagrams and Recipe Suggestions Included.

£19.99 + P&P



Our amazing logs will start producing shiitake mushroom crops in the next few months and will continue to produce 1-4 crops a year for 7 years or more.

They make the most fantastic gifts for the urban and country gardener alike and provide years of bountiful mushroom crops.

We also offer an array of other fun and fascinating Christmas Gifts and Stocking Fillers including: Truffle Trees, Mushroom Book Recycler kits, DIY mushroom log kits, and Pocket Gardens.


In the 1930s the Japanese developed a cultivation method using saw cuts, and eventually developed the methods we use now, drilling holes in cut wood, injecting shiitake spawn, and sealing the holes. They incubate the logs until they are colonized, a 4-10 month process, then they harvest during the spring and autumn rainy seasons.


Shiitakes are a decomposing fungus native to Japan and other parts of Asia. The Japanese syllable Shii refers to the type of host Oak tree, Take means the fruit of the mushroom. 

Shiitakes are somewhere in between animals than plants. Shiitake logs fruit more generously when they are with another log or in a group of logs because they emit pheromones that stimulate fruiting. They love the negative ions from rain and they respond to thunder and lightning. Some growers use flashing lights, play thunderstorm music to simulate storms and tap their logs with hammers or drop them a foot or more to simulate a branch falling off the tree during a thunderstorm. 

Like plants, mushrooms use mycelium (the mushroom root system) to communicate with one another. These communications can be recognised by people who are sensitive to signals in nature.


For centuries the Japanese picked shiitakes wild and dried them. They also learned to cultivate them. They placed fresh mushrooms on a dead log and let them self-inoculate. We heard the story that in olden days in Japan there were shiitake wars to plunder and steal inoculated logs.

An old traditional custom in Japan was that when a boy child was born, a 20-foot long log, about 4 feet in diameter was inoculated with shiitake spore. It took around 20 years for that log to colonise. So when the boy turned 21, and ready to seek his fortune in the world, his fortune awaited him in his back yard.


While the healing power of shiitakes is well documented and ongoing, especially for applications in cancer treatment, the aphrodisiac power of shiitakes is a matter of ages-old legend. “Donko” shiitake are believed to be a powerful aphrodisiac.




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